The Hebrew alphabet is more than a bunch of letters.  Each letter reflects a number and also implies a mening, a lesson, a guide to living.  The letters dance, they are alive, they address the anatomy of the human soul. The Power of the Sacred Living Letters, written by Judith Orloff, infuses ancient Kabbalistic teachings with the modern concept of  ’emotional intelligence’ and non-dual practices.  Emotional Intelligence is the ability of a person to know what they are feeling and how it affects them in the moment.  Non-dual practices allow the practitioner to sit with that which is unknowable and find inner peace.  The Power of the Sacred Living Letters is an integration of ancient Kabbalistic wisdom, emotional intelligence, non-dual wisdom and depth psychology designed to engage your mind, body, spirit and emotions.  Depth psychology is the study and integration of the unconscious mind.  Each letter offers you the opportunity to experience movement, growth and an aha.  You can experience this by understanding many aspects including the “shadow” of each letter and choosing to follow the “right actions” presented in each chapter.  There are many ideas presented in this book that are outside the purview of the Kabbalah itself, such as the practical application of the letters